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November 2, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

Becca and Stan, June 2018, Christ Church and Knowlton Mansion, Philadelphia, PA

In April of 2017, I received an email from Bride Becca who was looking for assistance with planning her wedding as her family did not live in state and she really wanted someone to work alongside her to put all the details together.   After meeting with Becca (who had just gotten engaged literally days before our meeting), I knew that she was the perfect Diamonds and Details client!  She and I also had a lot in common which also makes the planning process even more fun.  I was excited that Becca felt the same way and hired Diamonds and Details for our full planning services.

Becca and I started the planning process with a venue search – Becca wanted a little bit of a unique venue  – if possible, located in or close to Center City Philadelphia, have a romantic feel, is classic and traditional but had somewhat of a rustic look as well and also – air conditioning!  (Becca told me several times she did not want to sweat if all possible on wedding day!)  After visiting about 7 or so venues, Becca and her fiancé Stan fell in love with Knowlton Mansion.  The venue seemed to cross off all of their wants while also offering top-notch catering by their in-house caterer, Conroy Catering, so not only would the venue look the part, but the food would taste great and the service on wedding night would be perfect!  With the date picked and the venue booked, the next step was to piece together the couple’s perfect team of wedding day professionals.

For photography, Becca and Stan hired Jaime and Lincoln from Bartlett Pair Photography.  This husband/wife team totally got Becca’s vision of wanting a classic and elegant Philadelphia wedding but also found a way to really capture the fun side of the couple.  From shooting their engagement photos around the city to capturing all the sweet, intimate moments from the ceremony at Christ Church and finally capturing all the special details from the reception at Knowlton, Jaime and Lincoln really brought together the story of Becca and Stan’s relationship.  Also putting their touch on Becca and Stan’s wedding day story was their florist – Lauren from Belovely, their band Midnight Hour (they actually played Becca’s brother’s wedding), stationery designers LoveLeigh Invitations and Top Knots by Aimee and Shimmer and Spice for all the wedding day beauty.  (As we get closer to wedding day, Becca reached out to me and asked if I could help find her a lighting professional as she really wanted to add a little bit of a wow factor to the area of the venue that her cake would be placed.  Enter – Lumos Co. who specializes in this sort of extra for wedding day.  As Bartlett Pair’s photos show, Becca was right on point with this addition – the lighting from Lumos perfectly highlighted the wedding cake and made the cake cutting photos even more memorable!)

We can’t say enough how much fun it was to work with Becca and Stan to help plan their wedding day.  Diamonds and Details only takes on a limited number of full planning clients a year, so having such a memorable experience working with Becca only makes this job even more special.  An extra bonus of working with our clients is when we are able to see our work and our client’s vision come to life online and/or in print.  A fun surprise this week was seeing Becca and Stan’s wedding featured on Philly in Love!  Congrats to Becca and Stan on a beautiful wedding day!  Thank you for choosing Diamonds and Details to be a part of your wedding story!


Ceremony Venue – Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA 

Reception Venue – Knowlton Mansion, Philadelphia, PA 

Caterer – Conroy Catering 

Photography – Bartlett Pair Photography 

Wedding Planning  – Diamonds and Details Weddings and Events

Florist  – Belovely 

Wedding Cake – Conroy Catering 

Reception Music – Midnight Hour (BVT Live)

Invitations and Stationery Items – LoveLeigh Invitations 

Lighting – Lumos Co. 

Make-up – Shimmer and Spice 

Hair – Top Knots by Aimee

Wedding Dress – Lela Rose Bridal 

Transportation – J & J Luxury TransportationFirst Class Rolls Royce 

Hotels – Hilton Philadelphia Penn’s Landing, Sheraton Society Hill

Favors – Insomnia Cookies 

  • Amanda
September 20, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on….The Diamonds and Details Team! Meet Maygan!


Has it really been July since our last “Give Me More Details!” post?  Forgive us!  Wedding season has officially taken over the details!  We promise to share more wedding recaps and photos from this season’s weddings in the very near future but until then we are excited to wrap up our company introductions by presenting the details on…Maygan! 

With over 5 years of experience as a member of the Diamonds and Details team, Maygan has become Amanda’s “can’t live without” girl on wedding day.  Whether it be parallel  parking Amanda’s car in the city or running 3 city blocks in a record 5 minutes to Rite Aid for an emergency kit item, Maygan has no limitations as to what she can or will do!  Clients look to Maygan for a calm face during stressful moments on wedding day or even just for a tissue or to hold their bouquet during photos.  What she may be best known for is our company “kid and puppy wrangler” as Maygan is known for finding very unique was to get a toddler or even a puppy down the aisle!   

MEET: Maygan Henzie, Assistant Day of Coordinator at Diamonds and Details

Quick fire responses —

  1. 2 truths and a lie? “1. I have 2 older brothers. 2. I am addicted to Chick Fila. 3. My family has a beach house in Maryland”
  2. What’s your coffee order? “Depends on the coffee-house – Starbucks = just cream, Dunkin Donuts = cream and sugar”
  3. Fun fact? “I have traveled to over 13 countries!”
  4. What’s 1 thing you can’t live without? “Chick Fila” — I guess we know at least one truth, right?
  1. Where is your favorite place to be? “I guess I can’t say Chick Fila for this one 🙂 I would say Mexico on the beach!”

Maygan working her magic at one of our Wedding Showcases 

Maygan has always loved weddings, whether it be as a guest at one or being behind the scenes – weddings always seemed to be her thing.  While it college, Maygan started interning with Diamond and Details in 2013 and has remained with the team ever since!  Maygan loves watching all the details come together and is most excited when she sees the team’s hard work pay off as the client walks down the aisle!  (Maygan also says that the client down the aisle is the time she breathes a sigh of relief on wedding day!)

Maygan’s favorite wedding trend is: dog attendees!  As a dog lover herself, (Maygan has 3 dogs – 2 Chihuahuas and 1 Pomeranian) she thinks including dogs in the ceremony or as guests of the wedding makes the day truly special.  “If you really want all the people who you love and who love you there…who loves you more than your puppies!” says Maygan.


The age-old question of “what’s your favorite venue” didn’t stump Maygan for a second – “The Horticultural Center in Philadelphia – You can’t go wrong with the perfect garden ceremony followed by a plant-filled reception inside the greenhouse.  And the photos? Perfection – especially if you can catch those cherry blossoms in bloom!”

Like many of the Diamonds and Details staff – Maygan’s favorite part of the wedding day is the first look – “There are so many aspects that go into planning a wedding and it’s great to see a couple forget everything when they see each other for the first time!  This special time between the bride and the groom helps melt away all the nerves of the day to come.”


Maygan escorting one of our Brides to her 1st Look Photo

After 5 years of working with the Diamonds and Details team and seeing her friends and family plan their weddings (some she has personally helped with), her one piece of advice to all couples is “HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!”  Maygan feels that in order for Brides and Grooms to truly enjoy every aspect of their day they need to let someone else deal with the details and hiccups.  Maygan might be a little bit of an expert on dealing with wedding day hiccups as she personally has watched a groomsman step off the bus at the ceremony location and rip his entire pant leg. She, of course, jumped into action, sewed the pant leg from belt buck to knee and got the groomsmen down the aisle fully clothed!

  • Amanda
July 17, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

Amber and Chris, March 2018, The Cira Centre at JG Domestic, Philadelphia, PA

Bride Amber reached out to Diamonds and Details about 5 months before her wedding day interested in wedding day of coordination services.  She was getting married at the Cira Centre at JG Domestic  (a venue we love working at!) and was interested in having our team not only oversee the timeline of the day and logistics but also needed some help with the many design and detail items she wanted to decorate the venue space with.  Anytime a Bride says she needs help with adding personal details to wedding day, you know we jump for joy!  It was our luck that Amber and her Groom Chris thought we were the best fit for them and moved forward with our services.

After a very unpredictable spring weather season, Amber and Chris were thankfully blessed with a perfect (no snow!) wedding day and all the details finally came together overlooking the Center City skyline view that the Cira Centre is known for!  Special thanks to Photographer Jasmine Alston for sharing Chris and Amber’s beautiful wedding photos and the team at Garces Catering for always being so great to work with!   We thank Chris and Amber for allowing us to be part of their wedding day and meet all of their family and friends.  Amber’s Mom even served as their officiant so it was an honor to be able to hear her special and very personal words to the couple.  We wish the couple many happy memories and fun ahead!

Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Cira Centre at JG Domestic

Caterer – Garces Catering 

Photography – Jasmine Alston Photography 

Videography – Peace Living Films

Wedding Day of Coordination and Decor/Centerpiece Set-up  – Diamonds and Details Weddings and Events

Florist – Vault and Vine

Officiant – Terri Tyler (Bride’s Mother)

Wedding Cake – Garces Catering 

Ceremony and Reception Music – DJ NY Giants (Karis Chandler)

Bride’s Hair – Elocin Hair Studio 

Make-up – MS Artistry

Photo Booth – Damon Bilger Weddings 

Guest Hotel – The Logan Hotel and The Warwick Hotel 

  • Amanda
July 10, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details On….The Diamonds and Details Team! Meet Steph!

image1-2It’s time for another introduction of one of the Diamonds and Details team members!  We are excited to introduce our newest team member – Stephanie Braceland!   

MEET: Stephanie Braceland, Assistant Day of Coordinator at Diamonds and Details

Stephanie started in the wedding industry as a photographer 6 years ago, but after planning her own wedding, she fell in love with that side of the industry and felt it was a time to make a change.  Looking for advice as to how to get into the planning side, Stephanie reached out to Diamonds and Details owner Amanda for some direction. (Stephanie and Amanda actually knew each other – Stephanie went to college with Amanda’s brother and Amanda planned one of Stephanie’s best friend’s wedding.)  Amanda was actually in the process of growing the Diamonds and Details team and loved the unique experience Stephanie could bring from the photography side of the industry.  (Let’s just say our Instagram posts look a lot better since Stephanie joined the team!)  Now, with a few weddings under her belt (and more to come this year and next!),  Stephanie is becoming a valuable member of the Diamonds and Details team.  She is excited to continue her work as one of Amanda’s Wedding Day of Assistants as well as pursue the possibility of taking on her own Wedding Day of Coordination clients in the future.

Quick fire responses —

  1. When you’re not working, what are you doing? “Going to HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. I love decorating my new house! Walking around my neighborhood and petting every dog I come in contact with. You get extra points in my book if you bring your pets to your wedding!”
  2. What’s your coffee order? “Iced Hazelnut coffee …… with an extra shot of expresso!!”
  3. Fun fact? “My husband and I got married in August 2017 at the Reading Terminal Market.”
  4. What’s 1 thing you can’t live without? “My handsome puppy cat Oliver. He is a dog trapped in a cat body!
  1. Where is your favorite place to be? “I am very much a homebody and love my bed however, I equally love the beach just as much. I also live for live music and try to go to as many concerts as possible!”

If you ever can’t find Stephanie for a few hours, she’s probably on her couch binge watching the latest marathon of Say Yes to the Dress or Four Weddings! She has always been a lover of everything wedding and reality wedding shows are her favorite! It’s the most important day in people’s lives and she loves seeing all the details.

Stephanie’s favorite wedding trends are: lots of color and foodie surprises! She loves to see pops of color in the details – this is her creative side coming out!  As for foodie surprises: “Food trucks, fun desserts, end of the night treats! YESSSS!!!!”Food surprises are so much fun and a way to keep guests engaged and guessing at your wedding – little surprises and special details like that make your wedding memorable!

When asked the age-old question of “what’s your favorite venue,” Stephanie continues to show her creative and fun personality – although she loves a beautiful and romantic venue and always enjoys a barn wedding – Stephanie really loves when a couple picks a more untraditional, unconventional, and unique venue that are not traditionally used for wedding.  (Case in point – Stephanie’s wedding venue was the Reading Terminal Market!).

Stephanie’s favorite part of the wedding day is the first look/Groom’s reaction to first seeing his bride walk down the aisle. Everyone is always so busy looking at the gorgeous Bride that it’s special to take a second and watch the Groom see his soon-to-be wife for the first time. She has a love for music as well so it’s always fun for her to listen to which songs the couple chooses for the special moments throughout the day! Her one piece of advice to all couples is that this day will be the most perfect day and if something does not go as planned, no one else will know! Also, during the reception, stop and look around – really take in all the love that is surrounding you because the day goes by so fast!

  • Amanda
June 29, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

Jinny and Peter, June 2018, Barn on Bridge, Collegeville, PA

On June 2nd, 2017, I received an email from Bride Jinny asking for help with wedding planning.  She admitted she wasn’t very into the idea of wedding planning and really never thought about her “big day”.  Jinny and fiancé Peter were both very busy pharmacists with unconventional work schedules so finding time for wedding planning was also a concern.  Jinny was hoping a wedding planner would help her find the perfect venue (she knew she wanted something classic but rustic) as well as incorporate some personal details (more about this later!) in her wedding day vision.  Jinny’s biggest request for her wedding planner though was to stay on budget as much as possible!  I was excited to meet Jinny in person and after connecting right away, I knew that she was a perfect Diamonds and Details client and I was excited to get the planning process started with her!

After visiting several rustic themed venues in the Philadelphia area, Jinny and her fiancé Peter fell in love with the Barn on Bridge in Collegeville.  Jinny wanted a barn type venue but Peter also wanted to accommodate his family and guests that were used to Korean weddings that usually have a more formal, banquet style to them.  Thankfully, Barn on Bridge and their in-house caterers – Robert Ryan Catering – offered just that type of wedding day – many different options of menu and bar service for the couple to choose from (a late night french fry station was the big hit!) as well as the scenery that Jinny envisioned.   After securing the perfect venue, I knew that Jinny and Peter also needed the right photographer to capture the vision that Jinny had asked me to bring to life for her on wedding day.  One of Jinny’s favorite movies is “UP” and she asked that we could design some of the wedding details around the movie’s balloon theme as well as it’s fun and whimsical nature.  After working with photographer Alyssa Maloof for a wedding we did with a previous client that featured live owls (!) and seeing the photos that she took of that wedding, I knew she was a perfect fit to capture the fun natured feel that Jinny was asking for.

As you can see from Alyssa’s photos, wedding day on June 2nd, 2018 (exactly 1 year after my first email from Jinny!) was exactly what Peter and Jinny had requested – fun, whimsical and featuring the personal details that were so important to them.  To incorporate the “UP” theme, the wedding featured a mailbox with handprints as the card container, a cake topper with the saying “Our Greatest Adventure Begins” and a first look photo with balloons (a surprise from Alyssa and I after Jinny’s budget kept her from adding huge pastel balloons to her ceremony seats – something she had seen online and loved).  To further personalize the wedding day details, Jinny and Peter also put together “Hangover Kits” featuring headache medicine as well as a signature drink sign designed to look like a prescription pad as a nod to their pharmacy jobs.

While the personal details may have come together, wedding day was not without its little hiccups, particular the extreme heat and humidity and the threat of thunderstorms.  Part of the reason Jinny and Peter fell in love with Barn on Bridge was their outdoor ceremony space.  They both were determined to have their ceremony outside rain or shine.  Even when Mother Nature risked this happening (thanks to thunder and lighting in the area), Jinny and Peter’s family and friends thankfully braved the elements and were willing to sit under umbrellas and even newspapers in a light drizzle.

I wish nothing but many more happy adventures to Jinny and Peter as they continue on in life and thank them so much for letting me travel with them over the last year to help plan their perfect wedding day!


Ceremony and Reception Venue – Barn on Bridge, Collegeville, PA

Caterer – Robert Ryan Catering 

Photography – Alyssa Maloof Photography 

Wedding Planning and Day of Coordination – Diamonds and Details Weddings and Events

Florist – An Enchanted Florist at Skippack Village 

Officiant – Weddings by Paul

Wedding Cake – The Master’s Baker 

Ceremony and Reception Music – Schaffer Sounds DJs

Hair and Make-up – Aiko from Daneene Jensen and Associates 

Photo Booth – Chariot Services 

Guest Hotel – Fairfield Inn and Suites Philadelphia Broomall/Newtown Square

  • Amanda
June 12, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on…The Diamonds and Details Team! Meet Katie!

It’s time for another introduction of our Diamonds and Details team!  Katie may have a familiar face to our clients and professional partners.  She interned with Diamonds and Details over the last year and because she was such a valuable member of the team, we decided we couldn’t let her go!  Katie’s current position in the company is serving as one of our Day of Assistants but she is also training to eventually work with her own clients as one of the company’s Wedding Day of Coordinators.  We are excited to connect future clients with Katie and have her add the details to their wedding days!  katie

MEET: Katie Auffant, Assistant Day of Coordinator at Diamonds and Details

Quick fire responses —

  1. 2 truths and 1 lie? “I was in a Sorority in college. My favorite vacation was to Italy. I had mini horses growing up.”
  2. What’s your coffee order? “Iced Mocha Latte or sometimes a French Vanilla Cappuccino”
  3. Fun fact? “I just got certified in Wedding Planning & Consulting from Temple in December! Excited to put it more to use”
  4. What’s 1 thing you can’t live without? “If we are talking materialistic…I’ll go with a really good mascara! Otherwise, family of course”
  1. Where is your favorite place to be? “The beach! The more tropical the better, but any beach will do!”

Katie has had a love for all things wedding for quite some time but when you’re growing up in a small town in PA (ever heard on the PA Grand Canyon? That’s where she’s from!) – being a wedding planner is more of a dream than an attainable reality. The spark was first lit while in college; Katie worked for a caterer/banquet hall and got a lot of exposure to the many weddings they held in-house and catered off-site. Although food service wasn’t her favorite aspect, something about weddings stuck out to her. When she moved to the Philadelphia area recently, she decided it was time to finally pursue this dream and started reaching out about internship opportunities with local wedding planners.  An opportunity with Amanda at Diamond and Details came up at the perfect time and it’s been happily ever after!

Katie’s favorite wedding trends are donut walls and unique escort card displays – these are two great ways to personalize a wedding and ensure that every little detail is accounted for. The age-old question of “what’s your favorite venue” stumped Katie, there are so many gorgeous and unique wedding venues in the Philadelphia area that it’s hard to choose one! She does, however, have a love for tented weddings at private residences! Is this because that was what she did for her wedding? Maybe. BUT – these weddings tend to be extra special because the location is normally tied to a family home with lots of memories and to see such a sentimental place transformed into a beautiful wedding venue is very cool!

Katie is a self-proclaimed romantic at heart, so her favorite part of wedding day is watching the couple recite their vows to each other; she loves to see two people so happy to be getting married to each other! Her one piece of advice to all couples is take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that all of this is to celebrate the love you share! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and wrapped up in the details, instead, take a moment (hire someone else to deal with those details) and remember why you’re doing this! It’s going to be perfect no matter what.

  • Amanda
May 29, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

Moe and Rob, May 2018, The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

With less than 2 months before their wedding day, Bride Moe reached out to Diamonds and Details for help with wedding day of coordination.  Moe and her fiancé Rob were in the process of becoming Doctors and working many hours as Residents.  Moe was based out of NYC and Rob was in Philadelphia.  Moe also had a trip to South America on her calendar right before the wedding and felt, along with day of coordination, she really needed someone to bring all the final details of their wedding planning together.  I am a true believer in “everything happens for a reason” and this was definitely the case with meeting Moe.

Rob and Moe’s wedding date was May 5th – Cinco de Mayo, a very popular wedding weekend and one that we are usually booked for months (or even a year) in advance.  This year however, we somehow were still available when Moe reached out.  (Funny enough, the day after Moe and Rob signed their contract, I received 2 emails from Brides asking if we were available for day of coordination for May 5th.)  From the very first emails exchanged and from the several phone calls discussing her wedding day needs (and maybe a little off topic discussion on NY Football teams (a favorite of both of us!)), I knew that there was a reason the calendar left this particular wedding weekend available.  I immediately clicked with Moe and couldn’t wait to finalize all the details for Rob and her and take the last-minute stress off their shoulders.

Thankfully all came together in the final weeks before the wedding (who says you can’t do your tasting with the caterer last-minute – much thanks to Frog Commissary for pulling this off!) and Rob and Moe had a ridiculously fun fiesta themed wedding day celebration with some of the coolest friends and family we have ever worked with!  Special thanks to photographer Brittney Raine for her photos – she knocked it out of the park with capturing all the little details, the uniqueness the Franklin Institute offers as a  venue and the intimate moments between Bride and Groom throughout the wedding day.  (A very special addition to wedding day was Moe and Rob’s 4 legged child – “Duncan”.  I don’t think Moe would argue with me when I say, Duncan may have won “Best Dressed” for the festivities.)

Congrats to Moe and Rob on a beautiful wedding day!  Thank you for choosing me to work with you and letting my team partake in your wedding day celebration and the opportunity to meet your family and friends.   We wish you many happy (and especially) healthy days ahead filled with long dog walks with Duncan and hopefully some breaks from busy night shifts at new doctors!


Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Franklin Institute

Catering – Frog Commissary 

Photography – Brittney Raine Photography 

Day of Coordination – Diamonds and Details Weddings and Events

Florist – Beautiful Blooms Events

Ceremony and Reception Music – Bachelor Boys Band

Photo Booth – Illumination Photobooths 

Hair – Lock and Shade Salon 

Make-up – Nancy Caroline – Bridal Beauty 

Wedding Dress – Lotus Bridal (New York)

Hotels – The Logan Philadelphia 

  • Amanda
May 17, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

Jill and Zach, April 2018, The Horticultural Center, Philadelphia, PA

In August of 2017, Bride Jill contacted Diamonds and Details to help with day of coordination for her April 2018 wedding at the Horticultural Center.  We are always excited to hear from a Horticultural Center client as the venue is a favorite of Diamonds and Details to work out.  Jill and Zach had put together a great team of vendors already on their own but Jill wanted to make sure that her many decor ideas and details were executed and set up properly at the venue on wedding day.  (Just by speaking with a Jill over the phone, I knew she would be a perfect fit for Diamonds and Details as she was extremely organized and all about the details – two of our favorite things!)  After finally meeting for a venue walk through in January and meeting Jill, Zach and Jill’s parents in person, we couldn’t wait for all the details to come together for their spring wedding!

We were excited to be working on wedding day with Jill and Zach’s photographer Brianna Wilbur Photography who we had admired from afar, but had yet to have had the opportunity to work with.  As you will see in Brianna’s photos, she perfectly captured every little detail of Jill’s wedding day design.  Working alongside florist FabuFloras, Jill used candles and accents of gold to compliment her white and green decor and the natural, organic feel of the venue.  A favorite decor detail of our team was all the personal touches Jill added into the day including family photos, signs made by her bridesmaids and even an antique typewriter and suitcase that belonged to her grandfather.  What might have been the true showstopper for the wedding (besides how amazing Jill and Zach looked of course!) was the Donut Cake Tower from Federal Donuts (of course accented with the perfect sign and cake topper provided by the Bride!).

Thank you to Jill and Zach for allowing Diamonds and Details to be part of you wedding day, having the opportunity to meet your beautiful families and to help bring all your details together.  Congratulations on a picture perfect wedding day!


Ceremony and Reception Venue – Horticultural Center

Caterer – Starr Catering Group

Photography – Brianna Wilbur Photography 

Day of Coordination – Diamonds and Details Weddings and Events

Florist – FabuFloras

Wedding Cake – Federal Donuts 

Reception Music – EBE London Bridge

Videographer – NST Pictures

Lighting – Eventions Productions

Make-up – Emily De Stefano from Tribe Beauty

Hair – Alyssa Gallen

Wedding Dress – Hayley Paige Bridal 

Rentals – T&T Farm Table and Bar Rentals

Transportation – Krapf Buses

Hotels – Loews Philadelphia

May 10, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on….The Diamonds and Details Team!

Has it really been January since we have shared any new details?!  Forgive us!  It’s been a very busy beginning to the 2018 wedding season.  While we wait to receive some beautiful photos from recent weddings (and will be sharing them soon), we thought it was time to put the spotlight on the Diamonds and Details team and introduce each of us!  First up, is Amanda – owner and Lead Planner for Diamonds and Details!


(Photo by Brittany Ostrov Photography)

MEET: Amanda Dabbeekeh, Owner and Lead Planner at Diamonds and Details

Quick fire responses —

  1. 2 truths and 1 lie? “I don’t eat seafood, I grew up in NJ, and I hate weddings! I made this one easy!”
  2. What’s your coffee order? “I don’t drink coffee! I love tea with lemon!”
  3. When you’re not working, what are you doing? “When I am not working, I am spending time with my family which includes my husband, 2 kids – 7-year-old and 4-year old boys, 2 cats and 2 dogs (I like multiples of 2!).”
  4. What’s 1 thing you can’t live without? “Of course, I would say my family, especially my children.  I also couldn’t live without my phone unfortunately!  It’s how I run Diamonds and Details and my personal schedule.”
  5. Where is your favorite place to be? “Hands down – the beach. My ultimate goal is to retire to Florida someday and live on the beach!”

Amanda started Diamonds and Details in 2009 after a career in Human Resources and interning with some of the top wedding planners in the area! She is a self-proclaimed planner and has always had a knack for planning events. Anything from a party for a friend’s birthday to a formal or recruitment event for her sorority, you name it…Amanda was on it! After planning her own wedding, she knew that she finally found a career where her intuitive planning skills would be appreciated! A career in wedding planning would also afford her the opportunity to meet, work with and help lots of different people!

Amanda is a sucker for a non-traditional wedding – she loves when a couple completely ignores the trends all over Pinterest and infuses their own personality into the design of the wedding! It is beyond difficult for Amanda to pick a favorite venue, but here’s a few she loves and the reasons she loves them:

  1. The Barn at Silverstone in Lancaster: Feels like a country farm wedding but still very close to restaurants and hotels.
  2. The Radnor Hotel: Closer to Philadelphia with a classic ballroom feel. (It’s also Amanda’s wedding venue so she is a little partial.)
  3. The Horticultural Center: Perfect for couples looking for a garden style wedding
  4. The Baldwin School: Great venue that provides many different space options for the ceremony and reception.

Amanda pinning boutonnieres on wedding day (Photo by Pat Robinson Photography)

She wants to leave all couples with one small piece of advice: hire a wedding planner or a day of coordinator – for your sanity! And when she says sanity, she truly means that hiring a planner/coordinator will ensure you have someone to chase the family dog who decides to run away from home the morning of your wedding. …Yes, that’s a true story! After all the craziness of planning, coordinating and keeping everyone on time – her favorite part of a wedding is watching the bride and groom walk down the aisle. It’s that moment when her team can breathe a small sigh of relief – all the hard work has finally paid off!


January 22, 2018 / diamondsanddetails

The Details on…The Baldwin School

Many times I will work with a client requesting a wedding venue with a historic past.  Philadelphia is obviously a city with a history and there are many venues that celebrate that past.  While Old City Philadelphia might be the obvious choice to begin the search for a historic venue, there are also some hidden gems on the Main Line and in the suburbs surrounding the city.  Once such venue is the historic Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA.


Photo Courtesy of the Baldwin School

The Baldwin School, formerly the Bryn Mawr Hotel, was built-in 1871 and was a popular spot for Philadelphians to escape the summer heat.  At the time it was built, it offered 350 rooms, a bathroom on every floor (rare in those days) and even the first elevator on the Main Line.  Destroyed by fire in 1887, famed architect Frank Furness built a new hotel in 1890 and in the early 1900s, the building was bought by the Baldwin School for Girls and remains a school today.

I was recently invited to tour the school by the new Event and Rentals Coordinator, Jane Darnell and was excited to see all the options the venue offers for wedding day.  For a ceremony, Brides and Grooms can choose to either get married on the grounds outside in front of one of many staircases the venue offers (my favorite aspect of the venue!) and if weather is not agreeable – you can choose to use one of the inside options such a smaller ballroom or even the foyer area.

For cocktail hour, the venue offers an enormous veranda for an outside option, as well as use of the foyer area (the venue is extremely accommodating with removing their furniture that is there during the week) or even one of its many decks and patios around the property.


Cocktail hour inside (Photo courtesy of the Baldwin School)

When it comes time to enjoy dinner and dancing, the Baldwin School‘s ballroom can host over 250 guests (not an easy find for a wedding venue on the Main Line or even in the Philadelphia area).


Ballroom (photo courtesy of the Baldwin School)

Rental pricing is extremely reasonable – for a five-hour rental (cocktail hour and 4 hour dinner reception), pricing starts at $3000.  For an on site ceremony, cost is $500.  Included in the rental fee is use of the school’s in-house rentals, including high top tables, banquet tables and several options for seating.  The venue also offers the luxury of using one of their preferred caterers or you can bring in your own for an additional fee.  (Even though it is a school, the venue does allow alcohol on site and has a BYOB policy.)  An additional plus to getting married at the venue – because of its hotel history, the property offers Brides and Grooms a converted hotel room to get ready in, relax before the wedding or even a safe place for the wedding party to store their items during the evening.  As a Wedding Planner, I can attest to clients appreciating having a private space to retreat to during the evening if they want to change into a 2nd dress or even need a little break from the celebration.



photo courtesy of the Baldwin School

I am excited for the opportunity to share the Baldwin School as a potential wedding venue with future clients looking to celebrate the history of the Philadelphia area.  Even for the non-history minded client, the venue offers an array of possibilities for wedding day – an inside/outside ceremony and/or cocktail hour, a beautiful ballroom with wood trimmings and space to arrange any style of seating and a perfect location on the main line, close to hotels, public transportation and first look photo opportunities!  If you are still searching for the perfect venue, we would love to introduce you to the Baldwin School as an option and help bring your wedding details to life!

  • Amanda